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Tiny Explorers Playgroup: Where Curiosity Leads the Way!

Welcome to our delightful Playgroup for toddlers aged 12-24 months! Our interactive and engaging classes are specifically designed to stimulate your little one's development while providing a supportive and nurturing environment for both children and caregivers.

Each session is filled with exciting activities carefully curated to promote sensory exploration, language development, and fine and gross motor skills. From sensory play stations to interactive storytelling, music and movement, and arts and crafts, our classes offer a rich variety of experiences to captivate your child's curiosity and creativity.

Led by experienced early childhood educators, our Playgroup sessions incorporate evidence-based practices and age-appropriate techniques to encourage your toddler's natural curiosity and love for learning. We understand that every child is unique, so our classes are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the individual needs and interests of each participant.

In addition to supporting your child's development, our Playgroup provides a wonderful opportunity for caregivers to connect with one another, share experiences, and build a supportive community. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, you'll find camaraderie and encouragement among fellow participants as you navigate the joys and challenges of toddlerhood together.

We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you and your little one!

6-week session schedule

August 14th - September 18th

Wednesdays at 3:45pm


Embrace the Chaos, Celebrate the Connection
Embrace the Chaos, Celebrate the Connection
Embrace the Chaos, Celebrate the Connection

Growing Friendships

Our 18 to 24 month class focuses on creating a strong community for mothers. Each session offers the opportunity to meet and bond with other moms in a welcoming, supportive atmosphere. Our gatherings are more than just playdates; they are a platform for sharing stories, exchanging parenting tips, and building friendships that support your journey through motherhood. This connection is invaluable, providing not just emotional support but also practical advice and shared experiences that enrich your life and parenting.

Key Learning Areas in Our 18-24 Month Mommy & Me Class

Language and Communication Skills: Toddlers enhance their verbal abilities through interactive storytelling, singing, and engaging conversations that promote early language development.

Motor Skill Advancement: Structured play that includes activities like block building and lively music sessions improves both fine and gross motor skills, crucial for physical growth and coordination.

Cognitive Development: Through puzzles, matching games, and simple counting exercises, toddlers expand their cognitive abilities, learning problem-solving skills and enhancing sensory awareness.

Social Interaction: Our classes offer a friendly environment where toddlers practice sharing, turn-taking, and empathy with peers, fostering essential social skills.

Emotional Growth: We focus on helping toddlers express themselves and understand their emotions through guided activities that teach them about feelings and appropriate expression.

These compact learning topics are designed to give your toddler a comprehensive developmental experience in a fun, engaging setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining a Mommy & Me class for toddlers 18-24 months old?

Joining a Mommy & Me class for toddlers aged 18-24 months offers significant benefits such as fostering social skills, promoting early language and motor development, and providing a structured environment for both toddlers and parents to learn and grow. Parents gain access to a supportive community where they can share experiences and challenges while receiving expert guidance on child development.

How can Mommy & Me classes enhance toddler development?

Mommy & Me classes enhance toddler development by engaging them in activities designed to promote cognitive, social, and physical growth. Activities typically include interactive play, sensory exploration, and basic problem-solving tasks that are crucial at this developmental stage. These classes also provide a social setting where toddlers can interact with peers, which is essential for emotional and social development.

What kind of activities are included in the Mommy & Me classes for 18-24 month olds?

Classes for 18-24 month olds include a range of activities tailored to their developmental needs, such as sensory play to enhance tactile and cognitive skills, simple arts and crafts to develop fine motor skills, and sing-alongs to encourage language acquisition and musical appreciation. These activities are fun and engaging, helping toddlers to learn through play.

What should parents expect from participating in a Mommy & Me class with their 18-24 month old?

Parents can expect to participate in a variety of structured activities that promote child development and parent-child bonding. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other parents, forming a network of support and friendship. Classes are usually led by experienced instructors who provide educational insights and parenting tips tailored to the age group.

How do Mommy & Me classes support the social and emotional well-being of both toddlers and parents?

Mommy & Me classes provide a supportive community that benefits both toddlers and parents socially and emotionally. For toddlers, interacting with peers helps develop empathy, sharing skills, and emotional regulation. For parents, the classes offer a space to discuss parenting challenges, exchange advice, and receive emotional support from peers who understand the ups and downs of parenting young children.