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At our location in San Juan Capistrano

Toddler Time Together - A Play & Learn Class for 2-Year-Olds

Welcome to our dynamic 2 and 3 year old playgroup, where not only do little ones thrive in a stimulating environment but moms also have the opportunity to connect with fellow parents!

Our Playgroup isn't just about fun and games (though there's plenty of that!). It's also a chance for moms to forge meaningful connections with others who are navigating the same exciting yet challenging journey of toddlerhood. Through shared experiences, conversations, and support, our Playgroup creates a supportive community where moms can find encouragement, understanding, and lasting friendships.

While your little explorer engages in age-appropriate activities designed to enhance their cognitive, social, and physical development, our experienced educators incorporate elements of preschool preparation into each session. From early literacy and numeracy concepts to fine motor skills practice and group interaction, every activity is carefully crafted to lay a strong foundation for future learning success.

So, come join us for a morning of discovery and connection at our 2-3 year old  Playgroup! Watch your child flourish while you build relationships with fellow moms and gather valuable insights into preparing your little one for the exciting journey ahead.

6-Week Class Schedule 

August 14th - September 18th

Weekly Wednesdays at 5:00pm

If this session has already started, You can still join late! Reach out to Hello@motheringclub.com

From Playdates to Lifelong Mates
From Playdates to Lifelong Mates
From Playdates to Lifelong Mates

Growing Friendships

At the heart of "Toddler Time Together" is the opportunity to create genuine, lasting friendships in a community that values supportive and enriching connections. Our sessions provide a space where you can meet and bond with other moms navigating the joys and challenges of parenting toddlers. Engage in meaningful discussions, share your experiences, and support each other in a warm, welcoming setting that feels like a second home.

Developmental Learning in Our Mommy & Me Class for 2-Year-Olds

Language and Communication: Engage your toddler’s early language skills with simple songs, nursery rhymes, and interactive storytelling that encourage verbal expression and listening skills.

Motor Skill Enhancement: Through fun physical activities like stacking blocks, drawing, and simple puzzles, toddlers enhance both fine and gross motor skills, critical for their overall physical development.

Social Skills: Our class offers plenty of opportunities for toddlers to interact with peers, helping them learn important social behaviors such as sharing, cooperating, and taking turns.

Cognitive Growth: Activities designed to foster problem-solving and basic reasoning, such as matching shapes and recognizing patterns, help boost your child's cognitive abilities at this critical stage.

Emotional Development: We support emotional learning by helping toddlers identify different emotions through play and interaction, promoting emotional awareness and expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of enrolling my 2-year-old in a Mommy & Me class?

Enrolling your 2-year-old in a Mommy & Me offers numerous benefits, including enhanced social skills, early cognitive development, and emotional bonding between parent and child. These classes provide a structured environment where toddlers can engage in activities that stimulate their growth and learning while parents connect with others in the community.

How can a Mommy & Me class help in the development of my toddler?

Mommy & Me classes are designed to support key areas of development for toddlers, such as fine motor skills, communication, and social interaction. "Toddler Time Together" incorporates interactive storytime, music and movement, and sensory exploration, all of which are activities that help toddlers learn and grow in a fun, engaging way.

What types of activities are included in the Two Year Old Mommy and Me class?

This class includes a variety of activities tailored to engage and stimulate 2-year-olds. These activities include interactive storytime to enhance language skills, music and movement to develop coordination and rhythm, and sensory play that encourages exploration and cognitive development.

What can moms expect from joining this class?

Moms joining "Toddler Time Together" can expect a supportive and inclusive environment where they can form meaningful connections with other mothers. The class provides a platform for sharing parenting experiences and advice, all while participating in activities that are beneficial for both children and parents. This creates a community feel and a strong support network.

Are there any prerequisites for joining the class for 3 to 4-year-olds?

Two year old mommy and me classes are held weekly, with each session lasting approximately 60 minutes. This duration is ideal for keeping toddlers engaged without overwhelming them, providing ample time for various developmental activities and for moms to interact and discuss parenting topics.