Babywearing Dance Class


Join us for a magical experience where dance meets bonding in our Babywearing Dance Class! Led by our experienced instructor, Hayley Doon, who brings the enchantment of Disney and the precision of a former Laker Girl dancer, this class is designed for caregivers and their little ones to groove and move together.

Bring your baby and wear them close in a carrier as we explore the joy of movement through dance. Our instructor, with her background in professional dance, will guide you through gentle routines that enhance coordination, promote bonding, and bring smiles to both you and your baby.

What to Expect:

  • Learn basic dance steps and movements suitable for caregivers wearing their babies.
  • Enjoy a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to participate at their own pace.
  • Enhance your baby’s sensory development through music, movement, and rhythm.
  • Connect with other caregivers and share the joy of dancing with your little one.


  • Promotes physical fitness for caregivers while bonding with baby.
  • Stimulates cognitive development through music and movement.
  • Encourages social interaction and emotional connection between caregivers and babies.
  • Provides a fun and uplifting experience in a nurturing setting.

Who Can Attend: Caregivers with babies (typically 0-18 months) who are comfortable in a baby carrier or sling. No prior dance experience necessary!

Attire: Wear comfortable clothing suitable for gentle movement. Bring a supportive baby carrier or sling for your little one.

Come join us for a magical journey of dance and bonding with your baby in our Babywearing Dance Class!


Dance, Bond, and Boogie
Dance, Bond, and Boogie
Dance, Bond, and Boogie

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a babywearing dance class, and how does it work?

A babywearing dance class is a fun and interactive fitness activity where moms can dance while wearing their babies in a secure carrier. This class combines dance movements with gentle exercises, allowing moms to bond with their babies while getting a workout. The carrier provides a safe and comfortable way to keep the baby close while participating in the class.

Is it safe to dance with my baby in a carrier?

Yes, it is safe to dance with your baby in a carrier as long as you follow safety guidelines. Ensure that your baby is securely fastened in an ergonomic carrier that supports their head, neck, and spine. Always listen to your body and avoid high-impact movements or sudden, jerky motions.

What type of carrier is best for a babywearing dance class?

A soft-structured carrier or a wrap that provides proper support for both mom and baby is ideal for a babywearing dance class. Look for carriers that evenly distribute weight across your shoulders and hips and allow for secure, adjustable positioning to keep your baby comfortable and safe.

Do I need prior dance experience to join a babywearing dance class?

No prior dance experience is needed to join a babywearing dance class. These classes are designed for all fitness and skill levels, focusing on simple, enjoyable movements that you can perform while wearing your baby. Instructors provide easy-to-follow routines that anyone can enjoy.

How can babywearing dance classes help with postpartum recovery?

Babywearing dance classes can aid in postpartum recovery by providing low-impact exercise that helps improve cardiovascular health, increase energy levels, and strengthen muscles. Additionally, the social aspect of the class can boost your mood and mental well-being, helping you feel more connected and supported during the postpartum period.