Mommy & Me Mat Pilates

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Revitalize and connect at Mothering Club's Mat Pilates classes, designed exclusively for caregivers to bring their child to class!

From those seeking personal rejuvenation to those eager to bond with their babies or keep active with toddlers. Our classes cater to all. Led by certified Pilates instructor, Hayley Doon, specializing in maternal fitness, each session promises a supportive environment tailored to your needs. Join us to strengthen, connect, and grow in a community that celebrates motherhood in all its forms.

This class welcomes all caregivers not just mothers! So feel free to bring your mom or husband!  

Get Excited!: Most importantly, get ready to have some fun and make memories with your little one! Our Mommy and Me classes are designed to be engaging, educational, and full of laughter and love.

Arrival Time 

Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time for check-in and settling in before the class begins. We want to make sure everyone is ready to start on time.

What to Bring 
  • Yoga Mat
  • Water 
  • Grip Socks (if you wish)
  • Somewhere comfy for baby to hang — Blanket, play mat, carseat, bouncer or container for baby to sit in if you have a preference
  • Also feel free to bring along any essentials for your child, such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and a favorite toy or comfort item. You may also bring your baby in their car seat if needed. 

Dress comfortably for both you and your little one. Since we may engage in some sweaty activities, workout clothes are best!


 If you're driving to the class, feel free to park anywhere in our shopping center’s parking lot. There is always abundant parking.

Snacks and Hydration 

We'll have drinks and snacks available for purchase in our shop, but feel free to bring along any snacks or drinks you might need to keep you and your little one energized throughout the session. Just make sure it's ok with the other moms and there aren’t any allergies in the class.

Potty & Nursing 

We have a bathroom, changing station, and nursing room on site that will be available to our guests during class time. Feel free to use them as needed. You are also always welcome to breastfeed in class. This is a safe space, we are all mamas!


Strengthen Your Core, Nurture Your Bond
Strengthen Your Core, Nurture Your Bond
Strengthen Your Core, Nurture Your Bond

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Mat Pilates for new moms?

Mat Pilates offers numerous benefits for new moms, including improved core strength, enhanced flexibility, and reduced postpartum recovery time. The exercises help stabilize and strengthen the core muscles affected during pregnancy and childbirth, support improved posture, and can also aid in alleviating stress and promoting overall well-being.

Can I do Mat Pilates with my infant?

Yes, you can participate in Mat Pilates with your infant through classes specifically designed for mom and baby. These "Mommy and Infant" Pilates sessions include exercises that allow you to work out while bonding with your baby, fostering physical closeness, and engaging your baby in gentle activities that promote their sensory development.

How does Mat Pilates benefit toddlers when incorporated into mommy and me classes?

Mat Pilates for moms and toddlers, typically structured as "Mommy and Toddler" classes, benefits toddlers by enhancing their motor skills, coordination, and balance. These classes are interactive and playful, which helps toddlers engage in physical activity and learn basic movements while having fun alongside their moms.

What should I expect in a Mat Pilates class for mothers?

Expect a supportive and relaxing environment tailored to the needs of mothers at various stages postpartum. Classes are led by certified Pilates instructors knowledgeable in maternal fitness and include exercises that focus on core strengthening, flexibility, and overall fitness. Each class addresses the specific needs of new moms, whether in recovery or seeking to maintain fitness, with modifications available to match your fitness level.

Are there special considerations for postpartum moms joining Mat Pilates classes?

Yes, Mat Pilates classes for postpartum moms take into account the unique physical conditions and needs during the postpartum period. Instructors are trained to offer modifications that respect issues such as diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles) and pelvic floor healing. Classes are designed to safely help mothers regain strength and fitness at a comfortable pace.