November 0 to 6 Month Pre-Registration


At our location in San Juan Capistrano

Register while pregnant and reserve your spot in a six-week Newborn Class for babies 0-6 months with your expected due date! 

We'll assign you to a class once your baby has arrived, and you confirm their date of birth to keep you grouped with other moms whose babies are born closest to yours!

Our nurturing Mommy & Me class tailored for moms and their 0-6 month-olds, focused on building a supportive community of new parents. Begin by sharing your unique stories, then delve into key topics like sleep improvement strategies, nurturing family dynamics, insightful feeding practices, encouraging your baby's motor development, and adapting to the emotional transitions of new motherhood. Each week offers expert-led discussions and activities designed to support both your and your baby’s growth. Led by Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Danielle founder of The Sleepy Pear.

Sign up now to form lasting friendships, gain valuable parenting insights, and experience the joys and challenges of motherhood with a community that understands and supports you every step of the way. Join us and transform your motherhood journey into a shared experience of growth, learning, and connection.


Danielle Dzierzanowski

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Newborn Specialist

A Mommy & Me Adventure for Toddlers
A Mommy & Me Adventure for Toddlers
A Mommy & Me Adventure for Toddlers

Growing Friendships

"Moments of Motherhood" emphasizes the power of community. It’s a place where you can share your experiences and find support in a group of new friends who understand exactly what you're going through. Our sessions are designed to help you build lasting relationships, offering a supportive network that becomes a cornerstone of your parenting journey.

Key Class Learning Opportunities for for 4-6 Month Olds

Sleep Foundations - Techniques and strategies to understand and improve sleep patterns for both infants and parents.

Strengthening Family Bonds - Exploring ways to enhance relationships with partners and family as new dynamics unfold.

Feeding Fundamentals - Insights into both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, addressing common concerns and establishing nourishing practices.

Skill Development - Activities and tips to support physical development, focusing on age-appropriate motor skills.

Adjusting to Motherhood - Discussing the emotional transitions and practical changes during early motherhood, with strategies for coping and thriving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of attending a Mommy & Me class for newborns aged 2 to 4 months?

Attending a Mommy & Me class for newborns aged 2 to 4 months offers significant benefits including building a support network with other new parents, learning crucial baby care skills such as feeding and sleep strategies, and enhancing emotional bonds through shared experiences. These classes provide a structured environment to gain practical parenting tips and promote healthy infant development.

How can Mommy & Me classes help improve my baby's sleep?

Mommy & Me classes teach effective sleep strategies that are age-appropriate for your baby, helping you understand sleep patterns and implement routines that can improve sleep for both you and your infant. These strategies include creating a calming bedtime routine and teaching parents how to respond to common sleep issues.

What kind of feeding advice can I expect in a Mommy & Me class for 2 to 4-month-old babies?

In a Mommy & Me class, you can expect to receive comprehensive feeding guidance, covering both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding techniques. Topics typically include tips for successful latching, understanding feeding cues, managing feeding schedules, and troubleshooting common feeding issues like reflux or colic.

Can attending a Mommy & Me class influence my baby's motor development?

Yes, attending a Mommy & Me class can positively influence your baby’s motor development. These classes provide activities and exercises designed to strengthen your baby's growing muscles and support milestones like lifting the head, rolling over, and beginning to reach and grasp, which are critical during the 2 to 4-month age range.

What support does a Mommy & Me class offer for new mothers transitioning into motherhood?

Mommy & Me classes offer substantial support for new mothers transitioning into motherhood by providing a safe space to discuss emotional and physical changes, share experiences, and receive emotional support. The classes cover topics such as coping with postpartum depression, adjusting to the new lifestyle, and maintaining personal and family relationships during this transition period.