Welcome to The Mothering Club, a warm and inviting haven I created right here in South Orange County, California, for moms embarking on the profound journey of motherhood. I’m Kelsea Miller, born and raised in San Clemente, now a mother to two wonderful children, Mia and Cameron, and wife to my supportive husband, Jonathan. My dream was to build a community where each mom can celebrate and nurture her unique story of motherhood.

At The Mothering Club, we cherish each mother’s journey, recognizing that each path is as unique as the mom who walks it. Our offerings—from tender Mommy and Me classes that foster deep connections with your little ones, to energizing fitness, lively music, and dynamic dance classes—have been carefully crafted to support and enrich your life at every stage of early motherhood.

Our expert-led classes provide a nurturing environment that promotes both child development and personal growth. Beyond the classes, our club is a community heart, pulsing with the joys and shared experiences of motherhood. We host engaging events that weave together lasting bonds among families, creating a tapestry of support and friendship that feels like home.

Join us at The Mothering Club in South Orange County, where we honor and celebrate your motherhood journey. Here, every story is valued, every mom is embraced, and together, we grow into the role of motherhood surrounded by love and support. Let’s create memories and build friendships that last a lifetime, enriching our stories with every shared experience.